Additional Resources

Woodworks CAD & Revit Details

WoodWorks connects architects and engineers with a variety of tools that support the wood design process, including a growing library of free CAD and REVIT details.

WoodWorks is an initiative of the Wood Products Council, a cooperative venture of major North American wood associations, as well as research organizations, government agencies and other funding partners. WoodWorks was established to provide free technical support as well as education and resources related to the design of non-residential and multi-family wood buildings. Learn more about WoodWorks.

Other Links & Resources

This list includes links to organizations and resources that are of interest to the engineered wood and construction communities. To suggest a link for this page, contact us. Please note that these links are provided for the convenience of interested parties. APA does not endorse nor have any responsibility for the content provided by these organizations or their respective websites.

Specification Recommendations

Short Form for Panels

Sample specifications for Sheathing, Sturd-I-Floor, Siding, and Sanded Panels. 

Short Form for I-Joist and Rim Board 

Sample specifications for APA Performance Rated I-Joists and Rim Boards.


The following publications are free to download in PDF format and are provided by APA – The Engineered Wood Association. For access to more than 400 publications -- featuring detailed technical information for architects, builders, code officials, engineers, specifiers and others in the trade -- visit the APA Resource Library.

Engineered Wood Construction Guide

Comprehensive guide to engineered wood construction systems for both residential and commercial/industrial buildings. Includes information on plywood and oriented strand board (wood structural panels), glulam, I-joists, structural composite lumber, typical specifications, and design recommendations for floor, wall, and roof systems, diaphragms, shear walls, fire-rated systems, and methods of finishing. Updated September 2011. (Form E30 - 84 pages)

APA Performance Rated I-Joists

Includes information on Span Ratings, installation details, cantilever designs, architectural specifications and engineering design properties for APA Performance Rated I-Joists. Updated June 2011. (Form Z725 - 25 pages)

Lateral Load Connections for Low-Slope Roof Diaphragms

Describes techniques and products for code-required connections in wood roof systems in high wind and seismic zones. Updated September 2011. (Form Z350 - 24 pages)

Build A Better Home Brochures
  • Build A Better Home: Foundations
    This publication describes Build A Better Home design details for foundations and outlines the characteristics of mold and mildew growth. Updated December 2010. (Form A520 - 6 pages)
  • Build A Better Home: Mold and Mildew
    This Build A Better Home publication outlines the characteristics of mold and mildew, the effect they can have on a structure and its inhabitants, and methods for prohibiting their growth. Updated December 2010. (Form A525 - 4 pages)
  • Build A Better Home: Walls
    This publication describes the three primary sources of moisture in wood wall construction and methods of preventing its penetration. Updated December 2010(Form A530 - 12 pages)
  • Build A Better Home: Roofs
    This publication describes Build A Better Home design details for roofs. Updated November 2008(Form A535 - 20 pages)